Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cousins are siblings sometimes

Being an only child is limiting
sure there's no siblings around
to fight with or share but
it's also lonely at times, that's
when it's cool to have cousins
your own age or close to visit.

Nowadays most of us live far
from our cousins and have to
plan carefully to even see them.
Family should be a priority in
our lives but many times aren't
unless we commit to visit more.


  1. I had six siblings, four still living, but the nearest is 1.5 hours away. We don't physically get together often and DO much, but we do communicate electronically. And I have somewhat regular communication with several of my many cousins.

  2. I think that cousins, aunts and uncles and dear friends can be surrogate siblings. I am much closer to one of my aunts than to some of my immediate family members. And my dearest friend for 37 years is just as close to me as if she was my sister.

  3. My brother is 12 years younger than me so I took care of him, but there are only 3 years between my sister and me and that has been a real sanity saver at times growing up with my parents...

  4. Hi Lin,wishing you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.Congratulations ,you have a very beautiful grand kid....Lorien is a very beautiful baby.

  5. So true! My daughter is close to her cousins, thank goodness. They need each other.

  6. I'm just getting reacquainted with my cousins and it's a very warm feeling. I'm so glad to re-establish this connection again after such a long time.