Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Trip

Well, I going north this weekend to visit family and friends plus attend a workshop entitled Embodied Believing: Faith in Motion about religious dance at my old alma mater BYU. It will be fun to listen to and watch presentations on worshipping God through the arts especially movement. I got my masters degree in Dance by presenting a field project on Israeli Folk Dances that featured a modern dance interpretation of the Jewish sabbath. (See photo of me below in my dancing days-age 24.)

Well, I'm here and no one has called me "Dear" or "Sweetie" although I'm definitely old enough to be their mother or grandmother. Even got asked to be on a panel or join a discussion on religious dance expression. They are going to do a whole issue of BYU Studies on history of dance here at the University and I was part of that so I may be able to publish an article or two there. Fun opportunity!


  1. The workshop sounds very interesting. Its amazing how many creative ways there are to tell stories/thoughts/history and dance is simply beautiful when used for sharing stories. Neat photo of you!

  2. Gadzooks!! Another notch on the old "creativity belt"... Good for you. You should have some fun things to tell me about Monday, eh?

  3. I hope that workshop is wonderful.

    This New Englander knows to well how even in this age worship from the neck down is a weird idea to many. You sit, you stand, you sing, you pray--but don't move!

    I hope this is great.

  4. Enjoy yourself Lin...I know what you mean about 'dear' or sweetie'