Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travel Then and Now

We travel so easily and quickly in air conditioned comfort,
but those early pioneers came by open wagons drawn by oxen
to settle these lands. Homesteaders carrying with them
farm implements, a few household furnishings and dreams
of a humble little log cabin with a fire to cook their meals.

Hard physical labor filled their days as their numbers grew
everyone worked to survive, to feed and clothe the family.
We forget those simple beginnings as freeways beckon us.
Passing by historical signs that credit their contributions,
we have no time to stop, to reflect how they came to be here.


  1. Great photo and words, Lin. What would the settlers think today??

  2. And it was the lucky ones who got to ride in a wagon... most were on foot, pushing handcarts and pulling wagons. Gads! I can't imagine walking across half the country. I can barely walk to my mailbox and back.

    Can you even fathom what it would have been like dragging long skirts in the dust, long sleeved blouse and hot sunbonnets to protect from sunburn as you trudged in the heat of the desert? What about being in the middle of a flat desert when nature called? No where to hide and no way to properly clean up after? And... then, there would be the "monthly visitor" to contend with... yuk!

    Somehow I feel like being in comfy clothes, zipping across the landscape on my fourwheeler without sunglasses is a hardship.
    Spoiled rotten??? Yup! Aren't we all.

    Another thought provoking post, Lin.

  3. I love this picture! It struck me as it came onto the screen as such a great time in history. Always wanted to try a day back then.

  4. My backside hurts just thinking about it!

  5. Thanks for reminding me of how soft my life is! And teaching me a greater respect for my forebears.

  6. I don't know how well I would have done in those days. That was such hard work each and every day...

  7. Love your photo!!