Monday, July 13, 2009

Rutts or Routines?

Ever feel like the movie "Ground Hog," repeating the same events in your life that you'd rather forget over and over again. We both get a chuckle out of that film everytime we see it rerun on TV usually around groundhog day. It's easy to get in RUTTS and end up repeating the same old ineffective self defeating behaviors when we'd rather do things differently.

How do we break out of these comfortable patterns and try something new? Terri Tiffany on her blog the other day discussed always asking God "WHY is this happening to me?" rather than "NOW WHAT?" or "How should I handle this situation?" IF you have a ROUTINE or habit that is working positively for you, that's OK (i.e. reading something inspirational each day, reaching out to meet newcomers, etc.), and not a RUTT.

There are certain necessary STEPS I believe to change RUTTS into STEPPING STONES:

1. RECOGNIZE you are in a RUTT. Take stock, make a list of changes you'll like to make. (i.e. cut back on work hours, budget better, forgive an offender, be more patient, etc.) Next...
2. Feel REMORSE-Decide to stop your negative behavior and try something else NEW. (Ask a higher power for help.)
3. Be open to SERENDIPITY and CREATIVITY in your reactions to what life presents to you.
4. CELEBRATE your progress. We all make MISTAKES, but haven't failed unless we've stopped trying. Recommit to staying on track.
4. Develop an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE whatever your situation.

Tell us about any RUTTS you are in now and how you can change them or have overcome them in the past.


  1. My rut is a deep one. It involves a family divided and innocent children caught in the middle, mostly due to divorce. I wallowed, then climbed out, and now on the other side am trying desperately to forgive but its hard. Especially when my dear children where thrown into a rut not of their making, by their own family members. Its a long, long journey but trust and hope are wonderful guides, as well as a dear, dear husband, sister and Mom.

  2. Life till now has been a series of changes....only thing i would like to change is to start to work again as a full time practitioner....just waiting for my son to join a nursery school....i will take note of your post today and will do some introspection ...LIN..thanks one are a true gem .

  3. Oh boy rutts...I am coming out of one with my Mother and I always tell myself..'this to shall pass'....

  4. I wouldn't mind watching that movie again, will have to check the dish listings more often! I always remember that one scene with Bill Murray (who just has to show up to get me laughing) with that adorable groundhog behind the steering wheel, going "Don't drive angry, don't drive angry!"

  5. Funny how those RUTTS can really throw you for a loop. Some even minor ones can nag at you forever. You know it's dumb and yet it's there. Thank you for some strategies to get past it.

  6. Great post, Lin. I am happy to be here in your blog. :)
    Have a great weekdays.