Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Learning and Faith

Had an interesting discussion in Sunday School class a few days ago. We were discussing a scripture: Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection. And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come. (D&C 130:18-19)

It's a fascinating topic. We talked what we should learn, how to go about it and why it was important to learn. In my own patriarchal blessing it admonishes me...to gain all the knowledge possible so you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have developed to your potential. That's quite a goal there. I believe there is something new we can all learn daily from this life and from others. Lessons come from challenges we overcome, talents we develop, conversations we have, observing others, blogs we write or read, etc. etc. This whole earth life is a giant classroom with God in charge of our curriculum. Some things can only be learned through the whisperings of the Spirit.

When we leave this life the only things we can take with us is our knowledge, experiences and our relationships. Believing in life after death only enlarges my understanding of the importance of using my time now to its best advantage. I love to learn, read, write and discuss life with its complexities, relationships and problem solving. Aging has brought with it more to look back at and analyze thereby learning more. Accepting those things that can't be changed-others' misbehavior and use of their free agency, lead to realizing I still have much to learn to become all I can be. How about you?


  1. whoa....not changing someone else's behavior...now there's a topic. Oh how I wished for that on many occasions but have never tried...

    Well, I tried once and it was awful. And all I did was make a comment. I realized that with some people comments aren't even acceptable. So lately, as you say with age, I've begun to more thoroughly look at people and try to see them as Christ sees them.

    But the mortal me said, how can He stand them? Then the me trying to be better says, Boy, does He must have a sense of humor. Finally the me I know I should be said, Wait and see what He can do.

    Then I move on.

  2. Interesting post Lin. I just simply try to find something new each day in this huge world and try to do something nice each day, however, that should be a given! But all of these experiences we have, do have a lesson in them I believe. Sometimes we might not like/agree with the lessson but that is how we grow. Have a nice day.

  3. I use to get hurt by some of my very close friends....like not even making a call when i had my baby or we lost someone from the family...but now it doesn't hurt anymore because i have accepted them as they are..may be i was expecting too much from them....life is so much contented since...what seems unfair today turns out so right in future...God is great

  4. Sometimes I think my brain is shrinking because I have stopped learning. But, as you said, the world is a giant classroom. I must open my eyes to it.

  5. We used to talk in education circles about the need to be "life long learners". While I don't hear that term much anymore, the goal is still very important. And there is always something more to learn.

  6. Just tried leaving a comment on your newest post, but it disappeared! Lin, I hope you have a great weekend.

    The more we learn, the wiser we can become, the kinder we can become, also.

  7. Hi, Lin!

    I really love what you said here. You are SO right, and I never really put two and two together before! What was I thinking? (or maybe the point was that I wasn't thinking at all)

    Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the Lord's big picture! I love it when I learn something about Him from a new friend. It gives me chills.

    God bless you, Lin.

    Oh, and by the way...Happy Birthday. You, my twin sister, Sande, and I, all share the same birthday. Cool, huh? So, I guess we should all have a party over at Leona's (Dellgirl) house next year while they celebrate their anniversary, huh?

    In His Love,

    Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

  8. It was good to read Kavita's words. I've had the problem of having other's actions bother me more than it should. I will try to be more accepting and move on.

  9. I try to find something that makes me smile and/or laugh everyday and try to make some positive comment about somebody else's behavior or accomplishment. I think we live in a world so full of criticism and not enough positive reinforcement ....Michelle