Monday, July 20, 2009


Making the link between us
is not easy, almost impossible
at times. Like two circles
that don't intersect though
in close proximity, each separate

Eye contact is a part of it
looking outward, not just in.
Daring to reach out, not protecting
self from hurt, taking the risk.
Failing at times, succeeding only
with sustained effort and time.


  1. Sustained effort and time. That's the job of the heart, I think. May we be strong in this way.

  2. My elderly neighbor asked me the other day where I walked in the neighborhood. I told her I felt safe most everywhere, but especially on our street. And I told her that when I meet people I look them in the eye, nod, and say hello. She wasn't sure she could do that. Too bad.

  3. Looking strangers in the eye is sometimes easier for me to sustain than with close friends. It's also easier for me to sustain eye contact when someone is talking TO me than it is when I'm the one speaking. Who knows why? I can MAKE eye contact. No problem.... but, when I'm telling a story, it's seems to appear in my MIND'S eye much clearer when I can look off for a minute now and then...then it's easier to continue my tale. Is that normal? Am I a shady character?

  4. Very thought provoking post..and many things are worth that long effort as the rewards are usually great and well worth it...