Wednesday, December 5, 2007


My parents met unexpectantly,
she was only 17, he was 18
he knew he had met his future wife
love developed quickly between them
they quietly eloped and were married
then returned to their homes
not telling anyone, their love would last
through a short nine years of marriage
then death separated them for many long years
now they are together again...finally


gremhog said...

wow...only 9 years. my mom didn't make it to 5 with my father. still wonder why death has to come so often too soon.

brookula said...

Mom, with all due respect, "unexpectantly" is not a word.



Lin said...

Let's rename this post "Unexpectedly" thanks to my observant intelligent writer son Brook. Cheers to you too. Love you lots, Mom

Dawn Mercedes said...
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Dawn Mercedes said...

What a great pix!