Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Surprises come suddenly, unexpectantly
They can be fun and bubbly or harsh and trying
Or anywhere in between, sometimes not planned,
Accidental or carefully orchestrated by others
Without our knowledge or permission
They change our outlook and day in unknown ways

Someone once wisely said that life is….
What happens while you are making other plans
Maybe the trick is not to plan so you’ll avoid
Being disappointed and just be grateful
For whatever comes your way?

But human nature being what it is
We all want to be happy and are full of expectations
Some say that we attract what we fear or what we deserve
That puts the universe into a tightly regulated sphere
Stimulus equals response
Where is free agency and self determination,
Goals and the gospel plan of working towards perfection

There has to be order and purpose for being here
Someone in charge that can change any surprises
To our good, even death, illnesses or tragedies
Can be valuable teachers or guides
If there is a loving Father and Mother
Watching over us from afar

Maybe the biggest surprise of all is when
We leave this earthly life and return back
To our heavenly home and report
On the surprise that life was and is
And what we learned along the way

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gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

a man from church just called to talk to me about a quote he had just read from BRMcC. He was over the moon excited about it, surprised to learn this gem and was kind enough to share it with me.

I was surprised he did but oh so grateful.

But it sort of went along the same lines as your thought. We only have THIS life, this probational state to grab hold to the rod, find the path, and never leave it.