Friday, December 7, 2007


The perfect Christmas activity came today as my husband and I were able to view a display at a local church of nativity sets from all over the world. Carefully crafted and intricately carved, all highlighting the simple birth of the Christ child in a manger. Some were carved from wood, others stained glass, corn husks, crystal, ivory, hand puppets, quilted, some large and some miniatures, all amazingly creative. 
Reminds me of the Christmas puppet show I used to put on each Christmas with my sons trying to help them to understand the true meaning of the Christmas holidays as we acted out the Christmas story. In this 1975 photo they are (l-r) Frank, Brook and Daniel now grown men, two  are married with children of their own-my grandchildren.

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  1. Hello,
    What a nice picture! By that time we didn't know each other, but we have been friends for, what is it - 45 years? Fun to see your sons so young, they were good looking already. I am glad I have met them all! Remember very well our trip to New Mexico when Frank graduated. And when Brook visited Sweden and the two of us had a meal at some restaurant. Good memories! I also cherish the memories of Dan's and my trip to Mt. Timpanoga and when we "climbed" Ensign Peak while we were waiting for your air plane to arrive. Jeff has also a special place in my heart as I have "followed" him from his birth. He sure liked the Star something, I can't remember the name of the TV-programs, when he was a kid, and now he is a grown man. Do hope we get an opportunity to see him when we come in March-April.
    We have many common memories, Lin, thank you for sharing them!
    Love to all your family, Gittan