Saturday, December 8, 2007

My SONS now

Wanted you to meet my grown up sons, we were all together for my mom's funeral this past January. (L-R) Frank, Daniel, Brook and my youngest son Jeffrey born 13 years after Brook was born in 1970. Jeff's almost an only child like me but he does enjoy his older brothers. He lives in the same area as Daniel in Utah while the other two brothers live in Santa Fe and Seattle. I'm proud of all four of my sons-they have all graduated from college and hold responsible jobs. I love to visit them or have them visit me.


  1. Well if all of us have graduated college, I guess some of us just can't get enough of school eh? I think both me and Dan have associates degrees? Maybe Dan is just getting his bachelors w/o associates first, which works just as well. Anyway, I think me and Dan will be doing school for many more years to come. :)

    - Jeff

  2. Trust your kids to help you clarify what you really mean. This comment from my youngest son who does read my blog is true. Two of my sons have completely graduated: Brook with Bachelors in Computers from Evergreen College in Olympia Washington and Frank with I think a 5 year Bachelors (please correct me) in physical therapy from University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Daniel got an Associate of Arts from Utah Valley State College in Graphic Arts and is currently working online in his spare time (with four kids and a fulltime job) to complete a Bachelors in Graphic Arts(?) and Jeff has just completed an Associate of Arts from Hennepin Community College in Minnesota and is working on a Bachelors in International Business at UVSC in Orem Utah.

    Glad to see everyone went or is going to college. I was the first in my immediate family to graduate from college-AA-El Camino Jr College in Math-Science, BA, MS-Dance at BYU and then a teaching certificate from Cal Poly Pomona and Library endorsement from BYU. I love learning!!

  3. you should have had them standing up and then your faithful readers would have marveled at their height.

  4. Oh! I totally see Uncle Frank and my dad in your son Frank. I'm trying to see the Brook that I remember from my child hood. He seemed cool and with it back then. Haha...I guess that's what happens when you have a cousin 3 years older that you only get to meet once in a while!

  5. Mom;
    Frank has an NBA in health care management and after 4 years he is guild certified Feldenkiars practitioner because he is an emt he has to go to school most of his life!! you raised very scholarly children..hopefully their children will follow their fathers path.

  6. sorry for the double massge....I am just figuring out how to leave comment on a blog.. I guess I need some schooling eh? :)

  7. Oh, before anyone else send me an email to remind me that NBA is where people play basketball, I am sure Frank would love to be there but unfortunately I meant MBA ... after all I am still a darn foreigner who does not know where N and M are located at the keyboard..:)
    P.S thanks mom for the warning! :)
    ok let me post this at least 4 times now..