Thursday, December 27, 2007


1. To be more grateful and less greedy in the New Year
2. To not fear giving love or reaching out to others
3. To find more joy/happiness in daily living
4. To study the Savior's life and pray more daily
5. To take control of my physical healt-exercise more and eat wiser
6. To have more fun, spontaneous and planned
7. To write in my blog daily and improve my writing skills
8. To help others with their family history as a SS teacher
9. To continue to "act and not just react"
10. To make 2008 my best ever year in all ways!


  1. I loved this. I have been making a list of things that I resolve to do for the upcoming year as well. We share several of them. My husband and I are sitting down tonight to write some things out. I am going to take this New Year by storm.

  2. that looks like a new coat...very warm!