Tuesday, December 25, 2007

He's HERE!

The days of patient anticipation are over
It is finally here….Christmas day
Long awaited, predicted for millennia,
Finally the Christ child is born in Bethlehem

Angels appeared to lowly shepherds
In their fields announcing His birth
A wondrous new star in the heavens
Shines on the humble stable
Where they come to adore Him

The new born babe in Bethlehem
In swaddling clothes lying in a manager
Hushed adoration as His mother Mary
And earthly father Joseph watch over Him
And Angels shout “Hallelejah” from above
“Christ is come to earth, the Messiah is here!”
Wise men come from afar bringing gifts
For the new born King Jesus Christ

So we too can bring our heartfelt gifts
Of reverence and obedience to His teachings
And follow the example of the Savior’s life
He lived, taught truth, atoned for our sins,
Then was cruelly crucified but is now resurrected
That we might live again with our Heavenly Family
Together forever in love and peace.

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