Thursday, December 20, 2007


The winter storm beats furiously outside
Making us cringe at its angry outbursts
Fear mounts as the danger seems to increase
We huddle together in warmth and light
Knowing that all can suddenly be taken away

Comfort is knowing that all will be well
After the storm is over, some repairs may be needed
But life will go on, we are more resilient than we think
Although prior preparation for times like this
Would have calmed our troubled heart and mind

Danger doesn't always announce itself
With strong winds and torrents of rain
It could be black ice unnoticed until
It is too late to act but only react
And loose all equilibrium and control

1 comment:

  1. danger....I think my biggest danger turns out to be my opinions. did my mom leave earth and bestow upon me her torchy attitudes? I don't know but I had another friend who was bothered by thought of me and finally gave up and called. She had the right words to tell me.

    danger...if only it was black ice, or a visible storm. for me, it's the unseen but truly felt storms and black ice.