Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another son is born

Twenty-five years ago today, I became the mother
Of my fourth and last son Jeffrey
How fun to have a new baby boy
To love and cherish, a special Christmas gift
To our blended family of three teenage sons
From my first marriage which ended in divorce,
And a new husband from Sweden
We all learned to care for Jeffrey and
Tried to be good examples for him to follow
As we struggled to bond as a stepfamily

Now Jeff is grown and all my sons are on their own
Some are married, some are fathers
Several have unfortunately also been divorced
Not as I had planned for my life or their lives
Hopefully, we have learned from our experiences
That life has brought to us rather unexpectedly
About the importance and challenges of families
And the love that we can and will share forever


  1. Wow how strange is it to look at yourself 25 years ago? Haha, the curves life throws at you.

  2. This last comment was from my baby Jeff who has grown up to be a fine young man and served a church mission in Hiroshima, Japan. What a thrill it was to go and pick him up and meet his converts and visit the land of the rising sun-Japan. The people we met were very friendly and gracious. The scenery breathtaking.