Sunday, December 16, 2007


I’m stopped…motionless…waiting…
For the unknown to take me away
With its power....isolated....alone
What will happen next?

Embrace the unknown…warily
Take control of your universe
You are its very center
Learn from all experiences

Trust that a higher power is in charge
Then peace and inner guidance will come
Fear is now conquered
Wait to be found again


  1. when i am lost...i do that. I wait. And suddenly I am found. Like when callings get released, as mine will be in 2 weeks. What next will define me and my hours. So I wait.

  2. I'm putting this in for my cousin who can't figure out how to comment on-line.... " Still love reading your blog. The poems are great. Sometimes I think you can see into my soul."

    ps I think her response is poetic, we all have words waiting inside to be expressed. Marion and I were both divorced at the same time and moved to utah as single parents to raise our families alone. we are like sisters. both of us found a spouse to marry at a singles dance and were married in the temple...then had the challenge of step and/or blended families to strengthen us...

  3. Thanks Lin for sending me the directions. I'll try to master this electronic puzzle.

  4. It looks as though I have won the battle with the computer, and can now comment.

    Yes, we are definitely like sisters. Lin has been part of my life (and trials) as long as I can remember. I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life. I think that is why Lin can see into my soul, because she knows me so well.