Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I love making collages of words and images on the covers of my journals which are inexpensive spiral bound notebooks. It gives me a theme or motto to keep in mind. I'm now on journal #12, having written daily for almost two years and sporadically for decades before that. Writing helps me clear my mind and soul, brings clarity to my daily actions and reactions. USe a simple glue stick. Try it, you could like it.

First clip out magazine words or images that interest you.
Then play around with arranging them, this could be done digitally also.
Click to enlarge and read what was on my mind this time.
Theme? Not giving up on your DREAMS!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Scrapbooks and Family Reunions

Right now we are in the process of getting ready for a Floyd family reunion in Oregon over July 4th holidays. Can't wait to see the ocean and feel cool breezes as we are now heading to 108 degrees around here today. Hubby is trying to organize his slides for a presentation for the grands, daughters and spouses. He has lots of slides from 1950s to 1990s. After we met in 1992, I was the official scrapbooker and photo taker. He has 13 slide carousels holding about 120 slides each so he's going through and organizing, and trying to decide which ones to show his captive

The dining table is full of memories
No more gray roots, bring on the vacation!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's DAY

To those important men in our families who chose to become a father and support their families. I've used this photo collage before but would like to identify the dads.

1st ROW: l-r 1-4 my dad Stanley Vernon and me, 5 my grandpa Harold Vernon, me and aunt Bonnie in back, GP Harold Vernon and his bride my GM Mildred Stevens, and my 2nd GP Francis Vernon from England, under him is my uncle Clarence who never married.

2nd ROW: My dad Stanley Vernon, me and my mom Evelyn Johnson, 4 generations: my 2nd GM Sarah Malin, GP Harold Vernon, my Dad Stanley Vernon and 2 GMAlice Smith; GP Harold Vernon, GGM Clara Wilkins and her husband GGP George Stevens, Vernon men:G UNCLE Malin, GP Harold, DAD Stanley and 2nd GP Joseph Vernon.

3rd ROW: in center 2 GP Richard Lowe and his grandchildren, Johnson bros-David,  Jack and GP Wm. M, my dad again.

4th ROW: 2nd GP W H. Stevens family, Elizabeth Durragh and husband 2ggpa Oscar Wilkins, ggpa Joseph Vernon and corner 3rd GP Edmund Horten and wife Maria Meade.

It's been fun over the past 58 years of doing genealogy to gather their histories and photos which are now stored on family search. They are my ancestors...without them I wouldn't be here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


June 12, 1993 Allen and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple . Twenty five years later we are retired after many adventures and travels along our way. Here's my 25 blessings to come from our time together thus far. May we continue to grow our eternal relationship forever...

1. Thanks for bringing LOVE and STABILITY to my life.
2. Making the commitments to be married in the TEMPLE.
3. Moving to UTAH-Mormon Territory to work and live.
4. Fun VACATIONS everywhere-Hawaii, British Columbia, Texas, Maine, Oregon, New Mexico, etc.
5. SETTLING down in UTAH after your RETIREMENT-living in St. George for 11 years now.
6. SUPPORTING me my church callings especially FAMILY HISTORY..
7. HELPING me with HOUSEWORK, especially doing the dishes everyday, cleaning bathroom, etc.
8. CHAUFFEURING me to Doctor Appts. and always opening door for me.
9. NURSEMAID and eye drop giver during illnesses and other health challenges.
10. SHARING HOLIDAYS and visits with my family and yours.
11. TELLING me your life story and taking me to TEXAS for the first time.
12. For YARDWORK-planting shrubs, flowers and pruning trees.
13. Being our GARBAGE MAN every week.
14. Attending CHURCH, SOCIALS and other cultural events with me.
15. HELPING me RAISE my last son Jeffrey.
16. Helping with my Mom's FINAL ILLNESS, moves and FUNERAL
17. Sharing your love and knowledge of the OUTDOORS.
18. EXAMPLE of HARD WORK, HONESTY and CARING for your family.
19. COMMITMENT-Being there for me day after day, year after year.
20. WILLINGNESS to buy nice furniture for our many homes over the years.
21. Your SENSE OF HUMOR, helping me laugh daily.
22. BEING YOU. Introducing me to your family.
24. Courage to MARRY again after a DIVORCE.
25. Daily DEVOTION and COMMITMENT to making US WORK.

Friday, June 8, 2018


Yes hubby is still working on his retirement project THE BOAT.  Being an engineer and a perfectionist he is carefully assembling every little part with precision and accuracy. His project right now is fitting the hinges for the lid in the back of the boat that will cover the batteries for the solar powered motor. It's been six years now plus, this is going to be a masterpiece worthy of a museum.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I have these plants I've been dragging along with me for several years and to different houses. Lately they were looking tired, worn out and root bound, needing attention. So, I was going to replant them but decided instead to buy some new ones. Here's the results of that adventure. It was fun and creative and needed to add some beauty and order to my bedroom. Sometimes I feel rootbound also to old wornout ideas. Do you?

New plants to replace my old worn out ragged spider plant.
Lots of baby plants that I could have replanted but didn't
That's the roots growing below the pot looking for soil.
Talk about root bound this is after I removed the pot, these roots are seeking.
New plant with lots of room to grow
Other new plants join an older plant

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Overcoming Lack of Energy

So summer is officially here as temps are predicted to be 100+ in our high mountain desert area. Time to HIBERNATE inside air conditioned houses, cars and buildings. Trying to walk by 6 am when the temps are under 70s is a CHALLENGE and trying to overcome the NAP all day isn't easy. Every time I sit in my recliner to read, I'm soon napping which is fun, but not at night when my eyelids won't close. Overcoming LACK OF INERTIA during the day is tricky-making too long of a TO DO list can push me into longer naps.

A friend of mine has an idea for those TASKS THAT SEEM FORMIDABLE like: clean the bathroom, organize the computer desk, etc. She sets her smart phone or I-Pad or oven timer for 40 minutes and dives into challenging tasks and in no time at all, PROGRESS IS MADE. It feels so good that it motivates you to do more. TRY IT! I finally did a deep cleaning of my bathroom-washing area rugs and curtains, mopping, etc. It looks so great that it MOTIVATES me to do more in other rooms. Eventually hoping to do the same with my mind and spirit, but that's another TOPIC.