Monday, March 12, 2018


Not sure what the flu bug looks like but I know what it feels like.  After avoiding getting the BUG for decades, it found me last week just as I started to direct Poetry in the Park. What a challenging weekend and week following. As I never get a flu shot, I'm wondering if maybe I need to change that tradition. I had the flu without the stomach distress part just fever, headache, sore throat, coughing and all that good stuff plus ZERO ENERGY which continues today 10 days later. 

Just made my first trip to the GROCERY STORE to find some food that seems edible. I think that's the worse part of being sick and especially when your normally healthy spouse is sick too. Who is going to nurse who or do we just ignore each other and try to sleep it off? I'm hopingwe are on the tail end of this experience for this year. I cancelled everything on my schedule last week except for trying to teach Sunday School yesterday and that was a mistake with little to no energy I was a pathetic teacher but made it through my 3 hour block of meetings. So now this week I'm adding a few activities that are unavoidable-grocery shopping and eye doctor appt. SPRING MAY HAVE SPRUNG at least day light savings time, but I'm on another planet.

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