Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy Birthday LORIEN, eight years old today!

Lorien collage at age two, she's grown lots as these photos will show.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas eve with family

Happy to have some of my family here to celebrate the holidays with us...would be nice to all be together one day.

Just missing Emilee who is in Paris France on her mission
James the youngest keeping warm
Dan the original Apple guy
Mr and Mrs Floyd at Christmastime in St. George
Heather with Grandma and her Dad

Monday, December 18, 2017


Good advice to myself, no matter the day, month or season. This was a motto or resolution from past years that I still try to follow. The easy way out in any tense situation is to REACT-it's almost automatic, but the better way is to ACT. Think first before opening your MOUTH or interacting negatively. That may require applying the PAUSE BUTTON. Everyone's way of stopping them self is different. When STRESS starts to take hold and it will as the holiday season progresses and our expectations of our self and others are unrealistic. When stressed out, STOP-take a deep breath, pray, take a walk or my favorite way of redirecting and working through my emotions is to write daily in my journal or anytime I have problems to work out in my mind. I know this doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a try.

Examples: when someone is unkind to you in some way, your immediate reaction is to be unkind in return. Rather than TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY, let the unkind remark pass by you and don't feel the need to immediately DEFEND yourself or REACT with the same unkindness. NOT EASY BUT POSSIBLE. Tomorrow is another day to try is a PROCESS to learn from not just a destination. We can always IMPROVE and congratulate our self for making the effort to improve.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Let the Celebrations begin

It's now time for concerts, parties and dinners, as we begin the countdown to Christmas...

Love attending the Messiah to remind us of the reason for the season
Many talented soloists sang beautifully
I'm president of Dixie Poets and we meet twice a month to improve our poems

Sharing food, friendship and poems with my poetry friends
More singing at our branch Christmas party
Santa Claus even gave out goodies to the old ones
Lovely quartet blends their voices
Male singers lamented All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..
We had over 100 attend for a ham dinner and entertainment
Finished off the evening with a Christmas story

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mom would have been 100 years old today...her birthday

Here's a lovely tribute written by Emilee great grand daughter of my mom Evelyn Johnson Vernon Blomberg who died in 2007 more than 10 years ago. By how time moves on...

Now for a tribute and poem my grand daughter Emilee wrote for her Nana or great grandma and my mother-Evelyn who we all miss.

Nana...Gone...But Not Forgotten...
By Emilee Hatch-ggdg
Evelyn Hazel Johnson (Nana)
Born: December 2, 1917 Silver City, Utah

I will be writing a little bit about my great-grandmother Evelyn Johnson (Nana). Nana had one daughter named Lin, (My grandmother). She had two brothers: Clarence and Norman, and two sisters: Esther and Ethel. Her parents were Marion Johnson Jr, and LoAlda Lemmon. She was a wonderful person. My great-grandmother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She went into a coma. I was nine years old when she died. Nana was one of my dearest friends, I loved her so much and still do. Just seeing her made my day. Every Sunday after church every since I can remember my dad (Daniel) would take me to see Nana. We would talk for a while, she’d ask us how we were. I’d tell her all about school and my day. I loved visiting her, it was what I looked forward to the most every weekend. I remember when she came to my baptism, that was one of my most favorite memories. I will never forget her beautiful smile, I remember her face would light up when she would see my dad and I walk in.

It was hard for me when she died. I remember visiting her when she was in a coma. She died Jan 15, 2007. I remember driving with my dad to go see her (body) on a Monday night. My grandmother was there with us. I remember just crying, I couldn’t bear to lose her. But I hadn’t lost her. She is always there, even though I don’t see her.

By Emilee Hatch

You maybe missed, but you aren’t gone,
If you were here, I would sing a song,
One day you where there with me,
The next day you were gone.

The tears I had shed were for you,
Life continues without you,
I look up at the sky to find,
your beautiful smile staring down at me.

Gone, but not forgotten,
You will always be in my memory,
The times we shared,
The times we laughed,
The times we cried,
Only you will know my deepest fear.

You were the only friend who understood,
You will always be remembered,
Remembered, Remembered, Remembered,
Every tear that falls will remind me of you,
You will always be my dearest friend.

You were the only person who smiled,
You will always know me for me,
You made me smile when I was sad,
I will always remember you for who you were.
When I was lost you found me.

You may be gone,
But you aren’t gone forever,
I will always love you my dearest friend.

In Loving Memory of Evelyn Johnson...Loved by many....