Thursday, June 29, 2017

Battle of AGING

Controlling the negative voices inside that want to derail us isn't easy, but the first step is to become aware of what we are hearing. Then analyze the source of the voice-if it's negative I feel that it comes from the Dark Side or whatever name you choose to give to the adversary or the opposition, ying-yang structure of life. After visiting my retina specialist today-been receiving treatment for almost two years for macula edema probably related to diabetes or high blood pressure or aging all of which I'm facing,I didn't receive much encouragement from my doctor-other than we'll overcome this... I'm wondering....when?

So after another of my monthly shots in the eye, it was difficult to remain positive but what other choice do I have? As I left the doctor's office, I realized as I looked at other patients arriving with eye patches on that I could still see with my left eye though it's blurry. My right eye is 20/20, and I just renewed my driver's license for the next 5 years. It's just easier to give in to SELF PITY AND DESPAIR instead of SEEING THE POSITIVES. I remember going to my foot doctor for some issues recently and seeing others with missing feet. For the moment it struck me how blest I am. Also some of my ailments are improving. My rotator cuff is better after a steroid shot, and I can actually use my left arm while curling my hair!

I think the SECRET OF HAPPINESS in life is focusing on the good parts, the blessings daily that we take for granted: life, family, love, purpose and opportunities to continue learning. I forget that about you?

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