Monday, January 9, 2017

Let it RAIN not SNOW....

We had one day of snow or kind of snow....hubby called it corn snow, somewhere icy rain bewteen sleet. But now it's changed to rain and we love it, but do miss the SUNSHINE!

Our palm tree is in shock but holding it's own...
Fun to see snow on our red tile roof
Our jeep is shivering out in the driveway cause the boat is in the garage.

Even the new barrel  cactus and road runner looks shocked.
No sitting around and enjoying the sunshine!

Weird snow not fluffy but little pellets.


  1. Yes, that does look like corn snow. I prefer snow to rain in the winter, but then, I don't live in the desert.

  2. You look like you live somewhere that shouldn't really have snow. Hope whatever it is melts, and you get more sunshine.

  3. Everybody's getting snow this week! We finally got rid of ours, but there is a chance of more tomorrow.

  4. I do miss seeing a LITTLE snow. I'll never miss the blizzards though.