Saturday, November 12, 2016


My son Daniel and my grandson James came down for the weekend to visit. We spent our time playing games, eating and exploring some nearby petroglyphs at Little Black Mountain Petroglyph site.

James age 10 loves to cook and wants to be a chef one day.
After a very rough road, we reach the petroglyph site
There was a nice path, bathroom and picnic site there.
You had to look closeup to see many of the petroglyphs
Lots of fun rocks without rock art to explore and hide in.
The weather was perfect- 70 degrees and cloudy.
Close up of symbols telling a story of their life in nature.
Click to enlarge and see the details.
So what does that say Dad?
Possible hunting story?

Lots of fun places to explore.


  1. Oh boy, that was a fun adventure. I sure did enjoy myself, thanks for taking me along. Seriously, I felt as if I were right there with you all. The photos are beautiful. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time together.