Monday, October 24, 2016

I did it AGAIN!

We had 22 winners this year, grades 1st through 12th grade. Great poems.
Six years ago when we moved to St. George from New Harmony, I decided to start a YOUTH POETRY CONTEST to interest our local school children in writing poems. With the Washington County School District's approval and sponsorship of Tuachan's Saturday Market where we held our award program, I was off and running. The theme throughout the years have varied and were chosen to stimulate the student's imagaination
April 2011 I am...
April 2012 What if...
Apr 2013 My Dream
Oct 2013 Peace
Oct 2014 Remembering
Oct 2015 I Wonder
Oct 2016 Free To...
How long will I continue to do this Youth Contest? Not sure, but since I'm still alive and kicking plus students want to enter and teachers and parents are pleased, guess I'll continue. Any suggestions for next year's theme? Leave me a comment-I'm running out of ideas. Really!

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Linda Reeder said...

Good for you, Lin!
How about a nature theme, like Our Beautiful World.