Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blooming Cacti in St. George

Caryn and I spent the day touring neighborhoods in our desert community and in Snow Canyon photographing all the blooms and gorgeous landscapes.

Our favorite cactus is in bloom for a few short weeks
That's Caryn's hand, these blooms are huge!
Love the black lava walls, red rocks and yuccas.
Spring green is so fresh and new against red rocks
So many different colors of cactus blooms
Red rock background to Santa Fe style homes.
Snow canyon is close by St. George area
Lots of hiking and biking trails
Rock climbers paradise
The view looking down into St. George area
Beautiful greens, so many different shades


Jean said...

Beautiful cacti blossoms! It must be breathtaking in your area this time of year.

gremhog said...

spectacular blooms! love them! I grow succulents, but not cacti altho I know cacti are succulents. I get blooms and love them no matter how tiny they are

Linda Reeder said...

Cactus blooms are so beautiful, and that huge white one is spectacular! I love all the shades of spring green. Thanks for the fun post of springtime in the desert.

Rambling Woods said...

They are so pretty....I didn't know how big they could be..