Saturday, February 13, 2016

Relief Society Preparedness Fair

Once a month our women's church group meets for a lesson. This month our focus was on emergency preparedness with lots of good ideas and displays to inspire us to be prepared for any future event. Thanks to Akemi and Michelle for photos.
Ideas for organizing a 72 hour kit to use in emergencies
Displays of what to put in your kit, it can be individualized.
Click to enlarge this panorama of our meeting.

Our RS Presidency: me, Diane and Cathy our president...
We had a valentine theme, that's Maureen our activity coordinator
Our speakers l-r Bremda & Cheryl for our activity day
Snacks, water and meals to store for a 72 hr survival kit
Decorated piano for singing together church hymns.
Lovely table decorations made by Dina
Diane is our RS Counselor over activity days.
We had about 37 women attend our monthly activity day.
Demonstrating how to organize and move a 72 hr kit.
Hot chocolate and cookies were our refreshments.
Lots of donations of new clothing for the Dove Center women in need.
Used jewelry is cleaned and used at Dove Center conferences for funding
It was a festive occasion with lots of conversation and learning.
Visiting is part of the fun with Dianne and Pat taking away.
Kathleen and Ruth are enjoying the many exhibits
Something for everyone goodies, display and visiting
Everyone is invited to brinig visitors and neighbors to enjoy our day.
Lots of questions were answered by our expert Cheryl on the right.
These ladies know their stuff and had lots of handouts.


Rambling Woods said...

I like the kit on wheels... And all the decorations..

Millie said...

What a lovely great idea. I must do this in our ward...thank you for this post Lin.

Kay said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Valentines, Lin.