Thursday, January 28, 2016

Play day

Haven't seen my friend Caryn for a couple of weeks so we had lunch today and went shopping. It was fun to catch up and laugh together. She's like a sister to me that I never had...

Eating a healthy lunch of smoothies and pita sandwiches...yummy!
Love Caryn's home decor touches on her nightstands 
You can see the bird's selection in the mirror!
Her bedroom is yellow, grays and black plus silver accents. 
Click to enlarge to see all the fun stuff organized here.
Off to thrift stores to mostly shop, this place is full of stuff.
We also did Target, Dollar store and Tai Pan Trading


  1. We've spent some time i thrift stores this week finding things to set up Jake's new apartment. Thrift stores are kinda' cool.
    Caryn certainly has a lovely sense of style.

  2. I love seeing the both of you together. Caryn has such an artistic eye.

  3. I'm having lunch with a friend today, and we are going thrift shopping after!

  4. Oh how lovely to catch sight of you and Caryn ... and to see all those lovely spots in her home. What fun the two of you must have had together again.

    Wishing you a beautiful day and a lovely February...