Friday, September 18, 2015

Autumn comes to Utah

I always enjoy driving in the Utah mountains when autumn begins with red oak bushes and yellowing  Aspen trees. I visited my 95 year old aunt and took her for a ride up Santaquin Canyon-it was fun!

driving on the non populated side of Utah Lake in the early morning
It's Sunflower time along the highways of Utah!
Deserted roadway is decorated with color
So colorful and welcoming they are...
Empty land for now on this side of the lake.
Corn is still growing.. 
Santaquin canyon is cool and inviting with tall pines
Enjoying the beauty of my native state!
some autumn colors are beginning to show...
Ah peace and quiet and no traffic up here
Rocky Mountain high!
My sweet aunt Ethel struggles to enjoy each day.


  1. Love the sunflowers!! What a beautiful time of year there. Does it get cold in the winter?

  2. Great photos, Lin. You were blessed with beauty and your aunt was blessed my you!

  3. What a nice trip, Lin. I enjoyed the tour and, the photos are awesome! Thanks for taking me along on the trip, it was simply breathtaking.

  4. we have a variety of those sunflowers only the stalks and leaves grow to at least 10 feet tall and the flowers don't come out til mid September and then they are small and so lovely. We love them. We have the standard huge ones which we grow for the seeds for ourselves as well as the birds or squirrels...whichever gets them first.