Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fun with Family-one on one time...

Have invited my twin grand daughters to come spend time with me one on one during their school breaks but this is the first year it worked out for their busy schedules. They are now 17 and soon out of the nest, so this was important. First Emilee came to visit, next is Heather for her turn. They are identical twins but with different personalities. It's been fun! Here's some photos of our adventures. I asked each twin what they wanted to do while visiting grandma!

Enjoying a game of Mexican Train dominoes with grandma and grandpa.
Cooking a sugar free apple cinnamon  dessert with nuts and raisins-yummy!
Visiting the St. George temple grounds in lovely weather!
Off to a nearby DSU Art Museum-fascinating painting, click to enlarge.
Credits for the paining, inside the child is the outline of a growing tree-symbolic!
Cooking stir fry chicken and veggies-trying to eat healthier & walk daily!
Yummy food with brown, red and wild rice!
We even found a play to see Mary Poppins-fun small theater nearby. 
Checking out the local college for after her senior year possibly...
Shopping in an art store-Michael's fun stuff to look at.
Shopping for a new purse and clothes-fun times!
Attending a local band concert-short and sweet entertainment!
Taking a drive in the rain with our red rocks beauty! 
Gorgeous St. George area in the early summer.


  1. Lovely family time. The temple is beautiful.

  2. You bave Emilee a rich one-on-one experience, that's for sure.

  3. 17? already? are you sure you counted correctly? i cannot believe this..I remember when and I live across the country. Such a fun thing to do. Maybe I could do this, too.

  4. I know. I was surprised too, that they are 17 already! What a wonderful opportunity you are seizing, having alone time with each of them. Well done.

  5. I love Michaels! How wonderful that you're able to spend quality time with the girls. They've grown up much too quickly.