Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lost in SPACE

Still recovering from my bout with the 24 hour flu, seems all I want to do is nap even while working on my computer. Then I noted that I haven't blogged for quite some time, so I'M BACK! Seems like my weeks are flying by. Monday starts and soon it's Friday. Along the way meals have been prepared daily, laundry done, grocery shopping, even some poetry written. This past Monday was the closing social for Daughters of Utah Pioneers until next Sept. The summer is before me full of possibilities that I need to grasp or create.


1. Have a VISIT BY THE TWINS now almost 17. They will come down in June and each stay a few days with their grandma exploring our area, talking and having fun together. I can't wait.

2. Soon time for a 22nd wedding ANNIVERSARY on June 12th-will try to get hubby to go somewhere in Utah to stay overnight and explore. Thinking I'd like to see Capitol Reef again.

3. CELEBRATE my 75th birthday on July 12th-nothing special planned for that except an Alaskan Cruise later in Aug.

4. Would love to SEE MY FAMILY that live in New Mexico sometime this summer. Hopefully will visit my son in Seattle this summer on my way to Alaska.

5. ALASKAN CRUISE-coming the first week in August with Daniel, Tina and kids on Norwegian Crusie Lines-my first cruise ever. Hubby's not interested in big boats, so he'll stay home and work on his little 16 ft. sailboat.

6. Squeeze in some GENEALOGY and indexing activities. Still have tons of files to go through after 55 years of doing family history research.

7. Go to LEAGUE of UTAH WRITER'S Conference in Logan the end of August and visit my friend Caryn who  is living near Ogden,  Then it will be  FALL again.

8. More EXERCISING and healthier eating, so I can loose some weight.

9. Work on a new PHOTO-POETRY book which includes writing more poetry.


What are you planning to do this summer?


  1. Looks like you have lots to look forward to and to keep you busy.
    We have one trip coming up in June, combining a 50th anniversary celebration in San Jose and a wedding a week later in New Orleans. Besides that there will be gardening and gardens to visit, soccer matches, family events, and lots of sitting on the patio.

  2. Whew, I'm tired just looking at all your plans,but looks like fun to me! We will be moving into our new home, then taking a trip to Maine for a month out of the Texas heat.