Thursday, February 12, 2015

DaVinci Class

Been taking a new class for several weeks now but too busy to say much about it. Here's a couple of drawings we did in class ala da Vinci that were interesting....
The one on the left is my drawing, the original was placed upside down
and I drew mine upside down trying to focus on lines and not the face
This drawing-mine on the right was draw with my non dominant hand
that was a real challenge but I think it came out well as I focused on shapes. 
Another assignment was to list 100 questions we had about life, then to make
a drawing that represented that idea, I asked about how earth began.
These were chalk drawings ala da Vinci with black, white & red brown pencils.
Trying to write some words backwards was a challenge to say the least.
Taking my ideas from Biblical verses was fun and just playing around

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Kay said...

Very impressive, Lin! You have excellent control.