Friday, October 31, 2014

Yardwork and Landscaping

Time to do some yard work after all the winter kill of plants
Before the stepping stones that hubby laid lacks any pizzazz..
Just a little decorative rock makes a difference in this pathway
Same thing with our dry creek pathway, little red peebles draw interest!
Our Home Owners Association helps with planning and planting of yards.
Adding some flowers here and there plus some
river rocks to show contrast with gravel
Then there's the back yard and the two side yards no wonder my husband
lost interest in doing this work, he's building a boat in the garage!
I love our dry river bed and the yuccas that surround it
We have a small house with two casitas,  but lots of yard to take care of


  1. Great job on the yard. Looks like you are going toward a 'no grass' look in parts, and that's probably a great idea. Anyway, looks very nice.

  2. Very different climate, but really pretty

  3. So very pretty. I love the colored stones. Made a huge difference.