Sunday, September 28, 2014


I signed up for PinInterest out of curiosity, but never have time to look at it which is probably good cause I hear you can get lost there. They keep sending me emails to entice me. This image struck me and I wanted to blog about it. In these days of families falling apart or mutating into different forms, I wonder if the family as I knew it growing up will continue. Love to have your comments.
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  1. Well, let's see...where to start? I think "family" will continue because of the blood relationship. Not all families are successful, but still there is a long span of time where siblings and parents are together. There are some lessons to be learned from having to share, communicate, and follow instructions if nothing else. Two of my children are within an hour drive, and one is 900 miles away. But with phones and email, we manage to all hold together and look forward to our get-togethers. The technology and change are here to stay, so we need to adapt, as did our parents.

  2. I wish I kew if the family is a thing of the past. I hope it isn't, of course, but I often think of a former teacher-colleague's story : She asked students to bring donations for Thanksgiving baskets. One student said, " We
    don't have any food at home. We all eat at McDonalds or wherever."