Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pine Valley Mountains

Our church is having a PICNIC in the PineValley Mountains 40 miles away later this month. So, hubby and I drove up last Saturday to check out the facility. Here's what we found:

A doe and her two little fawns meandering nearby on a morning stroll!
Animals enjoying wonderful cool pastures in the Pine Valley Mountains. 
Anyone know what the unusual two toned cows are called?
Ah, coolness and beauty is found in a mountain stream!
Lots of places so inviting to take time to go walking in nature...
Our group picnic area for 75 people-we'll have hamburgers and more!


Linda Kay said...

Can we join you? Got an extra hamburger? That looks like the perfect spot for food and inspiration, Lin.

Jean said...

The two-toned cows appear to be Belted Galloways. I've seen a heard of them in the Rockport, Maine, area. The site of your upcoming picnic looks ideal

Jean said...

Herd, not heard!

Sandy Carlson said...

Looks like a special kind of paradise!

Kay said...

Gorgeous photos, Lin!