Monday, July 28, 2014

Dealing with CLUTTER

Amazing how CLUTTER develops from just one piece of paper on your desk, then another and another. Until you can't see the bottom of your desk for piles. Although you know where things are in the piles, it's a messy environment to work in. So after procrastinating for weeks to clear off my desk, I finally did and organized my computer area once more. Now to work on some projects I've put off: a collection of my original poetry is first!

First, I cleared off the stacks on my desk then dusted-amazing how messy.
Ah, an inviting work area just waiting for my input, but there is more to do! 
My side work area gained more piles as my desk emptied, next project!
Not to mention my craft desk, it's like moving piles, some of it must go!
Then there's my hubby's desk, he's not as messy as me, but working on it!


  1. Oh, my... I have to have my area a bit neater, but probably haven't been accumulating my writing as long. I also enjoyed your Sunday post.

  2. Clutter happens. some people thrive in it. i can't tolerate it so I am always de-cluttering.

  3. You've done a great job! It's interesting how cleaning up is such a key part of getting started on something new.

  4. My computer desk/ sewing area/bookcases are in a constant stae of clutter. I clean and organize, then it all reverts back to messiness. Just can't seem to keep it under control!