Monday, May 5, 2014

Coverup TIME

In between the junipers were higher oleander bushes now trimmed to a  foot high.
Tree in corner is dying and has few leaves-lots of work in the back yard to do.
The grass is growing well, this was the grandkids Easter egg hunt.
Time for help to fix up our winter ravaged yard. So many plants that are perennials were killed by the frost we had in early December especially our Oleander bushes that were 5 feet high and gave us a feeling of privacy from our neighbors. Replanting the bushes would be expensive and take years for them to mature enough for a privacy screen so we decided to extend our back yard masonry block wall higher. Our HOA rules limit all walls to 6 ft and the current wall is 4 ft so we'll go two feet higher to regain privacy. We had to get our back yard neighbors permission to go ahead. They were okay with that as long as we were paying for! I'll show you the before and then later, the after pictures.