Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shawl Day

This year I've been teaching history lessons for my DUP
camp-it's fun to learn more about my pioneer ancestors!
I love to teach and especially when the students are involved in helping
(l) Muriel shows a lovely painted or stamped shawl she owns.
It was a fun days with lots of audience participation...
For my Daughters of Utah Pioneers lesson we had quite a few shawls displayed 
My friend Marilyn models a fancy shawl she bought years ago in Italy
The teacher (me) models a modern day decorative shawl...


  1. Oh what fun... and you look great in the lovely blue one.

  2. I brought a shawl to Bangladesh and discovered it wasn't long enough or covered enough. There are so many different kinds of shawls. You're amazing, Lin.