Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Birthday to the BOATER

Today is my husband's 70th birthday. We were featured in a local magazine Sunriver Living for our retirement community in an article called RESIDENT LIVING "The Boater and The Blogger." If you click the photos, they will enlarge. I'll also type in the text of the article under each photo.

           Meet the Floyds. Lin and Allen have lived in SunRiver for nearly seven years. They retired to New Harmony, Utah for a few years but moved to SunRiver because Lin couldn't deal with the harsh winds in that area. She also loves that St. George's lower elevation provides much warmer temperatures in the winter.

            Lin and Allen's home was one of the first built in SunRiver. They love having a casita and use it often when accommodating their large family. From their previous marriages, combined they have 8 children and 24 grandchildren! The casita works great for their family to stay in when visiting.

           Allen had been designing boats for a couple of years before he decided to tackle the task of building one. He purchased the design from a naval architect in France and was actually the first American to begin construction on this particular boat. He purchased the plans in 2011 and has had this side project going on since then. His next step in the process is to paint the whole boat in an epoxy clear coat.

           When it comes time to apply paint, allen is thinking he will paint it white. When finished the boat can function as a row boat or as a sail boat. Even though it's a smaller boat it's designed for larger waters. He anticipates that he will spend most of the time on Lake Powell or Lake Mead. On his computer his screen saver is an image of what the boat will look like when it's finished, a little visual reminder that the hard work will pay off in the end. Allen is a member of the woodworking club and has used some of their tools building his boat.

          "I love living in St. George. There is so much culture!" Lin remarked. She also enjoys shopping and uses the community center quite a bit. She likes the water aerobics and different low impact exercise classes offered. She is a very active member of the photography and computer clubs. 

           Lin has a few blogs that she updates regularly. She is also very involved in family history work. When she was 20 years old and attending BYU she took a class on family history and has been working on it since. She began writing stories about her ancestors and then decided it was time to write her own life story. Lin now teaches classes on writing your own life history and has published books on the subject as well.

          These are not the only books she has published though. She has written a children's book, self-help books, and many family history books. "Retirement is a time to develop all the talents that you've never had time for," Lin remarked. And SunRiver certainly has the resources to help you develop those talents. Check out Allen and Lin's blogs to see more into the Floyd's daily life. and

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