Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Date with Hubby

We celebrated that the boat is epoxied, next is more sanding then a prime coat and the outside color-it will be white. Then the boat gets turned over and the work begins inside...

It took two weeks of constant work to cover two sides with 4 layers of epoxy!
Don't worry it will be covered with paint!
First time to try this most advertised place in town.
Busy place, lots of families here to eat lunch and retirees! 
A TV in the floor for customers to watch while waiting!
Never seen the Statue of Liberty with a hamburger...
Hubby without head had a burger with yummy fries.
I had crossant sandwich with sweet potato fries 
Double date with Caryn, Wayne, Allen and me-fun Valentines dinner
Out Valentines dinner, steak on a hot rock-cooks it just like you want.


  1. We go to Red Robin quite a lot. It is our go-to place for burgers. I like that BLTA Croissant too.
    The boat will be a masterpiece!

  2. I'm pretty sure we've been to the Red Robin in our travels. I can't wait to see photos of that boat on the lake. Then again, after all that work, the boat should be in an exhibit.

  3. What patience it takes to create a masterpiece!

    We ate at a local Red Robin once. The burgers and fries were delicious, but the noise level was way over the top. We haven't gone back!