Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another day of FUN

We started at TJ Maxx-love their colored glassware
Fun displays catch your interest to look closer
Isn't this blue glass gorgeous? Mostly made in come?
Fun whimsical glass animals, we just looked didn't buy-took photos!
Caryn checks out this blouse but we were mostly window shopping.
Great colors for suitcases at the airport baggage rack.
Lunch our favorite part-these french fries were the best!
At The Patio, good BLT and chicken sandwich too. 


Linda Reeder said...

Oh, I need some fun like that. Going to have to wait a bit longer and be patient.

Jean said...

I knew when I read the title of your post that your day included Caryn!

Sandy Carlson said...

You guys turn every day into a work of art!

Kay said...

You sure did make TJ Maxx look like a place I need to go back to. So happy you're having such a great time with Caryn.