Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dealing with WEATHER

For us desert dwellers, living with ice isn't nice.
We recall days now past, when snow was usual,
a part of winter to endure. Then we moved South
where it only snows once a year and then melts.

That is until this year when it snowed, then froze.
Temperatures near zero F were normal for days
bringing frozen pipes, icy sidewalks, snow and
more snow to shovel without any equipment.

After a week of this, we are complaining, though
our pipes are thawing and the temps are up past
freezing again. Weather is so fickle and not fun.
Soaring temps in summer vs. freezing in winter.

Whatever happened to refreshing Spring, colorful
Fall? They enter and leave the scene much too soon.
Now we can only remember the warmth that was
delightful and the coolness that was just right.


  1. It's a bit weird to see a palm like tree with snow all around. I hope it warms up for you a little, Lin.

  2. Our cold snap has finally ended so there is hope for you too. I hope you didn't lose too many plants.

  3. I was surprised when you said it snowed there. I thought you are in the desert!

  4. Not what you bargained for! Let's hope Ma Nature has a mood swing!