Monday, October 7, 2013

Poetry Ideas

I tried out some new ideas in teaching my poetry class. We choose two objects then wrote a poem about their relationship. Try it sometime, it was fascinating. Experimenting with words creatively is fun.


I sit and marvel at all you can do,
I only light up a room, but you are full
of images, sounds, music, drama.
News that changes minute by minute.

I can only be dimmed or turned off or on
as needed, I can’t entertain or amuse.
Just a lowly convenience in a household
taken for granted, and easily replaced.

While humans value you highly, watch
you daily, quickly repair you if broken.
I sit unused while the sun shines, only
in darkness remembered and used.

You are more important, cherished day
and night for education and entertainment.
But without electricity, we both will cease
to exist, forgotten in angry frustration.


Sandy Carlson said...

Looks like a great prompt. Must have been a great class!

dellgirl said...

Interesting idea, Lin. I'll bet that was a lot of fun.