Thursday, August 8, 2013


Sometimes LIFE feels like juggling
keeping all the balls in the air
at the same is IMPOSSIBLE
but expected to be productive.

Maybe it's time to STOP,
take one ball, look at it carefully.
Enjoy the solitary experience
of just examining ONE priority.

FILLING MY WELL comes at the top
of my TO DO list. If I focus there,
the rest of my responsibilities are okay.
I am happier. Today I will look for JOY.

Real pleasure comes from LITTLE things:
a quiet morning walk with birds singing,
writing in my journal to release emotions,
praying in a sacred temple for PEACE.



Sandy Carlson said...

This post is so reassuring, Lin. Thank you.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Oh we like this.... some days we need to juggle, but others it's really good to stop and be aware of the one thing. Joy... now that is a good one. And filling your well.

What fills my well? solitude, being with kindred souls, colours, warm winds, bird songs, writing in my journal, singing praise thoughts to God, thanking Him, hot baths, ice cubes clinking on hot summer days, to name a few....

dellgirl said...

You're so right, Lin. Sometimes life does feel like a juggling act. I never thought of it that way but, this is exactly what it feels like.

I love good music, reading, and sometimes just soaking in the sights and sounds of nature. There's more but, these are great for starters.

Kay said...

I'm happy to say my life is really pretty peaceful right this moment since we're retired and mom does so much around the house. I do love my tai chi and zumba classes... and blogging, of course.