Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's February I know-see the calendar, but 
there's a little snowman leftover from Jan.

Not to mention our Christmas tree which we
are calling our Valentine tree-see top ornament.

Today it  finally came down, but the living room looks empty!

 Valentine decorations are still up.

Hubby want to change this sign from heart to boat.
Home is where the boat is....well, it's in the garage!

My Valentine bouquet from hubby and
our Christmas cactus finally blooming!

I found this frog in a second hand store and couldn't resist it!
Photo of hubby 20 years ago when we got engaged!


Jean said...

I finally put away the few Valentine's decorations this morning, then I got out the few Easter ones. I skip St. Patrick's Day, since it's meaningless to me.

Millie said...

your house looks adorable. No matter if Christmas decor is still around, it just shows how much you enjoy the enviornment around you.

Kay said...

I'm heading toward St. Patrick's Day now. I'm planning a corned beef and cabbage party with friends.

I love seeing all your decorations, Lin. You have such a happy house.