Sunday, December 16, 2012

Family VISIT

Checking out Grandpa's boat building project in the garage.
A USA puzzle provided instruction and fun to do together
for the brothers Nathan and James.
Time to make original Christmas cards for family members.
Emilee helps Grandma with salad making for family dinner.
A visit to St. George's LDS Temple to see the lights.
A nativity scene outside creates a Christmas mood.
Warming up inside the temple Visitor's Center

Christmas tree decorations in the Visitor's Center
Book of Mormons now available in 107 different languages.
Eating Sunday breakfast together before church starts.
Good looking family with happy Grandma to have visitors


Jean said...

You had a lovely visit from family, Lin. Thank you for sharing.

Linda Reeder said...

What a great family visit for you, and them, too!

Millie said...

you have a lovely family.

SandyCarlson said...

A very fine group of people! Merry Christmas!

Kay said...

Oh yes! Definitely a good looking, loving family. I can see you're all in the Christmas spirit.

gremhog said...

so much fun seeing the pix. so glad you had the visit and shared it with all of us, your readers!