Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Be in the NOW MOMENT

It's not easy...expectations can color what we feel
wondering: if only or what ifs... can get you no where fast.
Living in the now moment is not that easy, but it's better
than avoiding reality and letting each moment of life drift by.

Every day is a new gift, an unknown quantity to be revealed,
determined not so much by events but by attitude focused
on what can I learn about me from this experience as I 
interact with others and listen to voices in my mind trying

to derail me and discourage all the forward motion I want
to make. I will learn from mistakes, forgive others and myself.
That's the only way to SELF ACTUALIZATION, becoming all
I can be and giving of my love to everyone in my life.


  1. What a coincidence that Art is reading a book on Buddhism that a good anthropologist friend gave us and he was telling me that one of the teachings is to live in the moment. Gracious. We are all united.

  2. Yes..I am trying to live in the moment, but right now it is very challenging..