Thursday, April 12, 2012

Article #192 Enduring or Thriving

Many of you are in the stage called enduring to the end. Your children are raised; retirement years are here, now what? I dislike that word ENDURING WHICH is defined as persisting or surviving in the face of difficulties. It’s like gritting your teeth and hoping that you don’t die rather than STRIVING or continuing with determination to live a worthwhile life, accepting your limitations and moving forward. Having health challenges or dealing with loss of a companion can certainly be stumbling blocks to living happily ever after; but if you are still alive and kicking don’t give in to self pity and depression. There is still much to be accomplished and experienced.

Many individuals in your family could use your interest in their lives, and encouragement as they begin life’s journey worried about challenges that will come. Now is the perfect time to write your life story or at least share your earlier experiences with your family. Tell them how you faced problems and found resolutions. It could be the perfect advice they need to encourage them to keep trying, and not give up.

The journey is the destination is an idea I read recently and I have to agree. As a child I was too focused on getting married as if that determined I had arrived. Little did I know then that it was just the beginning of my journey of self-discovery. It was an education: adjusting to a spouse and creating a family. Each day was an important part of the whole. Although, I can remember many times, with little ones crying or fighting, wishing away that day with thoughts of…one day they will be grown and gone. Now they are and I find I look back with nostalgia for those cherished though difficult family times. Most of the time I was just ENDURING rather than STRIVING to do my best and savor those never to be repeated experiences. Don’t endure your life away-thrive instead!

Now as I see my grandchildren, I realize my life has brought lessons that I can recall and share with my family when they turn to me for advice or counsel. Writing my life story and preserving photos of our family’s growing up years helps me realize the purpose and necessity of families pulling together and supporting, encouraging one another to thrive. Not just during those early years but all our years together. 


gremhog said...

So true. And we have lessons yet to learn as well as to share. And we thrive even in opposition. Personally, I end up thriving better when confronted with opposition. It's hard...but worth it.

Haddock said...

A wonderful journey through life.... and I like those accompanying pictures.

SandyCarlson said...

So true, Lin! We need our families, even if we dn't know it. I was surrounded by my mother's aunts and uncles as a child, and their presence in my life was a source of balance and meaning and wonderful fun--and acceptance! We need each other to thrive, that's for sure!