Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perception vs. REALITY?

A perception is not necessarily true but colored by our beliefs,
prejudices and experiences. The same situation could bring about
different reactions depending on individual perceptions.

A message sent with the kindness and regard could be
percieved as rude or discourteous by one individual and
differently by another, depending on their prior experiences.

I have a friend my age who calls everyone by "Honey" which
is a no no in my book having been called that by young
receptionists and assistants in deference to my age.

But she means it in the best of terms as a dear friend.
Same words, different perceptions and realities. Tell me
your thoughts about these two important words.


Rambling Woods said...

Good post..I think that term should be reserved for someone you love.. Hon and honey by strangers annoys me...

gremhog said...

i used to hate it but anymore it's always been warm and endearing even if I don't even know the person.