Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going, going, gone...

This first month of the new year has sped past
amazingly with some great highs and a few lows.
The trick is to learn and celebrate each experience
for what it is an opportunity to grow and change,

hopefully become a better person, more compassionate
sensitive and loving. Quite the life curriculum!
Everyday is a new opportunity to learn about yourself
as you interact with others and pursue your goals.

I'm developing my artistic skills, learning how to
more effectively communicate or how to withdraw
within to do some healing when needed.
Finding that prayer and inspiration are necessary.

How is your NEW YEAR coming along?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Courage and Art Projects

Sometimes courage is that little voice that at the end of the day says...I'll try again tomorrow. It takes courage to start doing ART JOURNALING-overcoming the negative voices that try to stop you. With my friend and art teacher Caryn's help, I started Zentangle designs now for a new challenge-art journaling.

This is a torn tissue paper collage with poster paint underneath
smeared on with an old credit card. Below is stenciling.

Hopefully my work will improve with time and practice. I haven't done much with art other than book covers and a few flyers on my computer, so it's been a challenge to try painting, inking designs, etc. I can be creative with words, but art medium is a reach for me.

I'm enjoying Art Journaling. Above is my first print collage
made from the latest ads in a JCPenney catalog that came.

Trying to add some wise saying or quotes for interest.
Click to make the pages larger so you can read them.

On the right is a 3-D collage with some old silk flowers
and a little zentangle added designing.

Also found an art bag on wheels with a handle for my supplies,
used a half price coupon so it was reasonable. HURRAH!

It fun to paint, stamp, glue and ink designs-messy, creative and relaxing.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Article #183 Act Don't React

For several years now, my New Year’s resolution has been ACT DON'T REACT. Just that one statement covers a myriad of situations from personal management to family relationships to dreams and aspirations. In the area of personal management, I want to gain control of my weight, fitness and general health. Therefore, I need a plan to act upon rather than just continuing on in my familiar routines reacting to what comes my way. i.e. You need accountability techniques (a checklist or daily journal or a fitness buddy) to motivate and guide your daily behavior rather than just doing what come naturally.

After living with yourself for as many years as most senior citizens have, you think we’d have mastered care of our body during our declining years. But most of us just react to new ailments rather than focus on prevention and good health practices. We know better, but it takes less energy to procrastinate changing. It is easier to react rather than act, learning to live with the guilt instead of tackling the challenge of self-improvement. Listening to negative voices inside that discourage our efforts to become better seems easier than pursuing some plan of action.

The payoff for reacting is more guilt and less growth. Try acting for a change in some area of your life, and you’ll discover new strengths and energy for realizing some of the potential you have for happiness and self-development. Untapped creativity and interests can lead to greater fulfillment in all areas of your life. Want better family relationships? Make that a goal to act upon; don’t just sit around wishing they would improve. I remembering from my physics classes of long ago F=MA or force equals mass times acceleration. Movement in any direction is controlled by what/who you are trying to move and the momentum involved. If you are sitting around waiting for life to get better, it probably won’t. While if you are actively focused on change and improvement, it can happen.

What are your dreams and aspirations for the rest of your life, whatever your current age is? Finding myself now in my 7th decade of residing here on this planet, I plan to take charge of my life. Act not react in the time I have left, find my unique voice and use it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to move on....

If you drive from Utah to California or anywhere for that matter, what are the chances of having ALL Green Lights?? Well, in LIFE there is NOT going to be all GREEN LIGHTS. Sometimes we DO NEED to Yield or even STOP and then re-evaluate before the light turns GREEN!! Pay attention to the LIGHT you receive and when green.........GO FOR IT!!!

Ideals vs. expectations seldom jive or mesh.
Just when you think something's working:
surprise it falls apart, someone misunderstands,
communication breaks down, and feelings are hurt
including your own. But all anyone can do is
their best. We are each endowed with weaknesses
to learn from unfortunately or painfully.
It's part of earth life and God's plan for us.

Time to pick yourself up from the ground and
move on, trying not to repeat the same mistakes,
but traveling forward with new insights
and understanding of self. Forward I go.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Window shopping...

Today Caryn and I visited a new boutique in town that has
fun 1940-50s style clothing which is coming back in fashion.

It's located in the historic Garden House built in 1867, five years
after our town was settled. The Garden Club met here frequently.

The weather was lovely almost 60 degrees and sunny!

Remembering the good old days, these dresses are like museum pieces

We also had a tasty lunch nearby with tomato soup and quinoa salad!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is a TEST!

Ever have the feeling like you are recycling certain experiences
that you thought you understood well enough to avoid.
Well it happens, guess it's called déjà vu which means already
seen or done-as in being familiar or a pattern. There are therapies
and even medications to help you break this cycle or pattern.

Interestingly enough, I find myself caught in an experience
where my actions are interpreted as being negative, when they
were quite innocent with no offense intended. It reminds me of
The Dance of Anger book and my new year's resolution of

TO ACT NOT REACT. If I ignore the criticism maybe it will go away?
But somehow we have this self protection mechanism inside to react.
Easier said than done to act in a positive way, in fact I'm even writing
on that very topic this week, but didn't want to have to live it too.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forgetting Priorities

In our fast paced world it's so easy
to get the cart before the horse
then realize that the correct priority
is hooking the cart behind the horse.

It's that way with priorities, certain
things get done first because they
seem necessary NOT most important.
Most relationships take second place

to filling the car with gas, shopping
for groceries, doing the dishes, etc.
It's only when you slow down and
consider what you value most,
then LIFE can be prioritized.


1. SELF CARE-eating properly and EXERCISING
always seems to be last on my schedule, if at all.

2. FAMILY TIME-reaching out in person or through
other communications to let relatives know I care
especially my spouse who I see everyday and can
take for granted.

3. SPIRITUAL FEEDING-remembering that scripture
study and prayer can help me align my priorities.

What are your priorities?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Article #182 Forgiveness and Anger

Since kindness and unconditional acceptance don’t seem to come naturally to most individuals, there is always a need to learn to control your reactions and practice forgiveness. Somehow as we grow older and gain wisdom, we think that others would like to know what we have learned; but that’s not true. It seems everyone must learn by his or her actions. It’s always better to keep your remarks to yourself, unless asked for advice. Listening is the best procedure, but perhaps the most difficult. Learning to ask thoughtful questions can lead to informative discussions..

Being forgiven or forgiving someone who has offended you is not always simple. I‘ve seen how easy it is to offend younger family members with unsolicited advice about child raising or a harmless suggestion on how to improve communication in the family. What can you do if you have offended or been hurt by others? Talking it out certainly is important, but not always the easiest thing to do in our modern society. Letters, phone calls and emails can’t substitute for face-to-face talks. Seeing one another’s body language as you attempt to communicate can show you how they are reacting to what others are saying. With the vast distances that most families live apart these days, that’s not always possible though preferable.

Sending unconditional acceptance and love to every person is so important. Anger held onto isn’t healthy for anyone and can lead to depression. Being angry with someone else hurts you more than it does the other person. If you are one who has offended others, try saying, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings that wasn’t my intent. Hopefully, they’ll accept your apology, if not…never give up on a relationship especially with family members. When someone is angry, it’s because they feel hurt or harmed in some way by your actions.

I realized just recently that a son of mine who is now middle-aged is still trying to find his “personal space” and be independent from his mom (me.) That realization affects how I communicate with him. Respecting his life and desire to interact less frequently, doesn’t have to be taken personally by me. If I let him know I’m always here IF he wants to talk, and that I love him has to do for now. Time and patience will heal all wounds and bring more understanding. Anger is a reaction; forgiveness is an action. NEXT TIME: Act or React.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artist's Date V

Last year my friend Caryn and I took many Artist's Dates together

exploring St. George, gathering ideas for art projects or home decor.

Lots of fun- it continues this year as the snow birds have all flown in.

Urban Renewal store has fun slightly used decor at good prices.

Outlandish shoes styles...

Valentine decorations of course...

Bright bold colors to liven up any room.

Western decor rules.

Old art magazines are fascinating.

Looks very elegant.

Need a new apron?

Love the bright colors.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boat building 101

Hubby now has two work tables up in our garage.

Looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle-it is!

Lots and lots of pieces to sand and assemble.

Instructions always help-they were in French, now translated to English!

Lot of fun hours ahead, before the boat is ready...

These are the sides of the boat that will glued together.
Good luck to my retired engineer hubby, have fun!