Saturday, November 19, 2011

Printing PHOTOS

City of Reykjavik, Iceland from Vidney Island

Well, the camera club I belong to locally has acquired a fancy expensive ink jet printer to make prints of our photos. It's about time I try printing out some of my Icelandic shots to make an arrangement on our bedroom wall. I copied several photo files onto my thumb drive or memory stick and took them to our club meeting the other day. One of the expert photographers in the group Larry (above) helped me in getting my files ready to print in Photoshop Elements in a 8X10 inch format. I could have made a bigger print, but opted not to right now. Although it's extremely inexpensive to print your own photos about $2 each for 8x10 inches, you can have them done at Coscos or through several places online for the same price. Since I have 2000 photos of Iceland, I only opted for a few prints just to get going.

I'm still working on an imovie to put together a story of my trip, but I keep getting sidetracked by my laptop's problems-currently it won't read CDs or DVDs which means I can't load my newest version of imovie on it, but hopefully my expert computer son Daniel can fix that at Thanksgiving time. In between cooking the turkey dinner, he will transfer an old slide-in CD-DVD burner from his old laptop into my older laptop. One thing calls for another, you know.

Hosfos, Iceland

Eric the Red and the Icelandic flag


  1. Beautiful !The picture layout looks wonderful ,do upload the pictures after you frame them .

  2. If these photos are any indication, then you have lots of dramatic photos of Iceland. Love the one taken at hosfos!

  3. Your adventures always make my nights. You are a great teacher.

  4. Playing with photography is a lot of fun. I have been thinking I should be making photo cards with some of my nature photos, but I just seem to run out of time.

  5. That is lucky for you to have that quality available like that. Sorry you are having laptop problems. For a couple of weeks we have been having internet issues and what they do to try to help makes things worse ....

  6. these are lovely photos...makes me Iceland, could anyone take bad pix?