Friday, October 28, 2011

New Poems

I had the opportunity this past week to go with some poet friends to the Sears Art Gallery at nearby Dixie State College for their new exhibit of paintings entitled Colors of Consciousness by women artists from the Southwest.

The paintings are located on the DSC campus in a quiet glass enclosed hall with peaceful music playing. I loved the experience and sharing it with my fellow poets. We each found paintings that spoke to us and created poems.

I got carried away and wrote 17 poems which I'll share little by little. Still editing my poems, but what a fun experience with creative art painted by talented women of all ages from our area. Our original poems will be placed in a notebook in the gallery for others to read as they view the art exhibit.


  1. I LOVE this one! You do have the most interesting of outings and with such creative people!

    That is truly a blessing!

  2. Oh, that touch of imagination! Beautiful poem.

  3. I really admire those of you who can find just the right words to create such beautiful thoughts.

  4. Oh good..I am glad that they will be put in books so others will share in them...