Monday, October 10, 2011

More of New Mexico

It's interesting how each state has it's own distinct character or flavor, type of vegetation, rock formations, etc. Looking similar to other states yet distinctive.

Leaves are beginning to turn in the New Mexico mountains
Click to enlarge and see the colors in my collage...

My husband used to work at this Forest Service ranger station

Now it's abandoned, empty no longer in use by anyone just deserted

A fun old house restored in Chama, NM

Art is everywhere in Santa Fe

Getting to know grandson Hakan better


  1. Hakan is a beautiful child. I love seeing your New Mexico photos, Lin.

  2. The states are very distinct, for sure. The art is amazing. I wonder how places are abandoned, how someone or some group can just let go of responsibility. Strange and lonely looking, that abandoned space.

  3. I'm glad you are willing to travel to see your grandchildren. It's so important to get to know them.
    I fear we may be too late for much autumn color by the time we arrive in New Mexico next week. But the rocks will still be there!

  4. You husband was a forest ranger? That is very neat...I am amazed at how any vegetation can grow in those hot, dry area....